With the holidays come and gone, you may feel relieved or perhaps a twinge of sadness that the festivities are over. I’ve never been one to dread the holidays or an approaching blizzard, I don’t usually mind the gray overcast days and I think snow is rather magical. I love walking through a pine forest — the branches heavy with snow and a scatter of pine needles sprinkled around my boots. This winter though, the snow has been somewhat lacking and so has my inspiration. 

It happens to every creative now and again. We fall into a lull and have to reignite that creative spark inside us. If you’re in the same boat and your usual tricks aren’t working, here are some of mine to try:

  1. Visit a museum
    Art or non. It’s a good way to refresh your wonder.
  2. Go out for a bit of fresh air
    Sure, it’s cold, but you can bundle up and nature always has a way of inspiring.
  3. Visit an art supply store
    You don’t really need new art supplies, but a trip to Odd Nodd’s always leaves me itching to go home and make something.
  4. Take time to play
    Make it messy and loose and “bad”, just let go of expectations and have fun.
  5. Finish something small
    No matter what it is, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment. Let it carry you to your next project; let it snowball.