The Oscars. The Grammys. The ADDYs. It’s awards season, friends.

Hosted by The American Advertising Federation (AAF) and AAF Lansing, the ADDYs recognize excellence in all corners of advertising, from print pieces, to clever campaigns, to full-scale websites. Sure, it’s nice to have a shiny award — but to us, the ADDYs are a chance to call out creativity and consider some new perspectives. These awards bring to light the quality work that’s been completed right here in Lansing which, in turn, is translated into valuable inspirational fuel. 

This year, we were honored to receive a heavy handful of ADDYs spotlighting some projects and partnerships that truly clicked. Congratulations to all of our clients and partners whose projects received ADDYs this year. Your trust and shared vision makes this work possible. 

Professional Gold ADDY

Of the 174 total submissions in this year’s competition, 15 were awarded a Professional Gold Addy. 

Consumer Website: Educational Child Care Center (EC3)

A laptop displaying EC3's website. The homepage reads "Welcome to EC3" with photos of smiling children and caregivers.

Direct Marketing and Specialty Advertising – Printed or Digital: Redhead Holiday Calendar

A photo of Redhead's holiday calendar cover which includes colorful illustrations and reads "2024 Celebrate More"

Card, Invitation, or Announcement – Campaign: Refugee Development Center (RDC) “Thrive” Invite

A paper invitation to an RDC event includes illustrations of people and the word "Thrive" translated into various languages in numerous typographies.

Logo Design: The Macotta Club

A gold-colored logo reads "The Macotta Club" in an Art Deco-inspired font, in front of a navy blue background.

Integrated Advertising Campaign – Regional/National, Consumer:

Michigan Achievement Scholarship, Michigan College Access Network

A billboard for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship reads "Psst, there's college cash waiting for you" in black text on a green background.

Professional Silver ADDY

Integrated Advertising Campaign – Local, Consumer: Lansing: Be Our Neighbor Campaign

A poster for the Lansing "Be Our Neighbor" campaign, next to a screenshot of a social post for the campaign.

Logo Design: Lanner Medical Advocacy, Michigan State Medical Society

Lanner's logo, a geometric shape based on a bird, is displayed on a leather notebook and metal travel mug.

Professional Bronze ADDY

Consumer Website: Refugee Development Center (RDC)

The homepage for the RDC website is displayed on a laptop. The screen includes a photo of a smiling woman and reads "Welcome."

Logo Design: Omnivet

The Omnivet logo, an icon including connected dots, is displayed on a take-home prescription bag and business cards.