At Redhead, we've had the privilege of collaborating with a range of clients seeking to establish new brands. Some arrive with a clear vision, while others are in search of guidance, but each engagement begins with our foundational step: the intake meetings.

Extracting the essence of a brand is a process I’ve grown to love over the years. In these initial stages, curiosity reigns supreme. We ask standard questions about backgrounds, aspirations, and target audiences. However, the most revealing parts of the discussion typically come from the odd-ball questions used to spark unconventional thinking. For example, learning how a client imagines their brand's outfit can be quite telling. A crucial step during these meetings is compiling a list of descriptive adjectives. Together with our clients, we craft a list of unique adjectives that set the tone for the entire project.

I was recently inspired by Allan Peters’s Logos That Last, and have adopted the tactic of gathering relevant nouns from our clients. This not only enriches our understanding but also provides symbolic elements to play with while concepting.

Our intake meetings are continually evolving. We thrive on refining our approach to craft the perfect brand identity tailored to each client's needs. It's a process we take seriously and feel privileged when clients entrust us with their vision.